5 Safest Cars

It was a little difficult to just come out and say these are the 5 safest cars on Australian roads but these rated in the Top 12.

5 Top Rated Safe Cars

There are many ways to rate the safety of a vehicle. In Australia, we have our ANCAP Safety Rating system that gives cars on our roads a guarantee of a minimum standard for a rating, Rating 5 being the highest.

Then you get organizations like our Car Clubs and drive review web sites that rate cars according to their drive testing and safety equipment.

We have used Australian Motor Club for our comparisons and they have judged these as among the top 12 safest cars on Australian roads based on all of the above.

This is a guide to safe vehicles and not a promise, statement, guarantee or rating in order. They considered them and so did their testers, as being in the top of the pack when it came to safety.

1 – Genesis

This vehicle is the luxury class of the Hyundai range and is even badged independent of Hyundai as Genesis.

Amazing standard features such as automated emergency braking, blind-spot monitors, traffic crossing warning system, lane keep assist, lane departure warning and adaptive cruise control even at the most basic model gave it a head start in the safety features category.

Some of the advanced safety features like LED headlights were are in the extra packages available but as a standard the features provided on top of all the 5-Star ANCAP requirements are outstanding.

Test drivers noted not only the extra features but the incredibly well-balanced suspension, smooth but efficient braking and high level of visibility added to luxury comfort as significant enough to put it in these 5 safest vehicles as a standout.

2 – Lexus ES 350

Not the top of the price list in the Lexus range but a 5 star ANCAP rating, impressive drive, great visibility and superior road handling impressed the testers. Unfortunately does require some extra safety packages on the basic version to get the extra safety gadgets but almost standard requirements with the purchase.


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3 – Mazda 6

Always a great looking car but is also one of the safest choices in the Mazda range. Good crash test scores, very good standard safety features in all models and easily competes with luxury cars in its class.

4 – Mercedes-Benz E Class

You need the exterior lighting package and the driver assistance package but that that takes it into our top safest cars category with the usual MB driving experience. Top high speed handling, the expected superior driving comfort and all the top level electronics provided in the Drive Assistance Package.

5 – Subaru Impreza

We thought it would be good to have at least one hatch variant and the Subaru Impreza fits both hatch and sedan in to our top safest cars. You need the Eye Sight Driver Assistance package but with that you’ve got probably the best adaptive cruise on the market, along with lane departure warning, lane keep assist and automated emergency braking. Subura not only build superbly engineered vehicles but also very safe driving vehicles and we would put half their range into the Top 15 safest vehicles on Australian roads.

By: Australian Motor Club
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By: Australian Motor Club
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