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You can offer salary packaging, it’s EASY!

Many employers think that they cannot offer salary packaging to their employees because they are too small, or that there is a cost or complexity attached to the practice. The truth is the opposite. NEXT make it easy to implement, plus you get a cash advantage as an employer and your employees will appreciate working for you even more.

Any sized employer can offer salary packaging to their employees if they can find a leasing company to do it for them. NEXT has the perfect product for you, and we love to help companies of all sizes offer their employees salary packaging.

If you are an employee

See the benefits that Salary Saver provides

Salary Saver by NEXT

  • It is easy for the employer to implement into any payroll or accounting system (we assist you with that).
  • We provide a free car buying service, but your employees can choose to purchase anywhere they like.
  • It will give your business a cash benefit (ask us to show you how much – you will be amazed).
  • We provide information and even visit your employees if they would like us to explain how it works for them.
  • The way Salary Saver is designed, you do not have FBT reporting or payments to worry about, we take care of that for you.
  • You have no financial liability for the vehicle even if they are work vehicles.
  • It makes your Work Cover insurance bill less and gives you protection against possible employee litigation.
  • There is no fleet management required of you (we do it all).
  • NEXT manage all the fuel, registration, and servicing costs for you.
  • Salary Saver provides a free service to your employees giving them more take-home pay with no extra cost to employers.
  • Salary Saver can also provide vehicle tracking systems to enhance your fleet efficiency and also improve employee safety.
  • We provide monthly invoices that your administration will easily understand.
  • NEXT can show you how it improves your cash flow on your BAS.

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