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Turning Crisis into Opportunity

The perfect storm that is ‘COVID-19’ and ‘End of the Financial Year’ brings with it a great deal of incentive and at the same time a greater need to be informed more than ever before.

A must-read for anyone who was or is thinking of buying or financing a car in the next year or so. Share it with friends and family as you will be helping them if you do.

Talk to our Health Check specialists at NEXT, they will guide you through the process of a free ‘health check’ to help you work out the best financial products and services to meet your current and future needs. We are accredited with over 30 banks and can assist in restructuring your home loan, rates, product, fees & repayment arrangement.

FREE personal credit check with score.

What is a Health Check?

Everyone needs a health check from time to time and with an ever-changing landscape so does your financial health. Our team at NEXT make this an easy process. We can evaluate your current situation and assess how your financial situation is positioned against up to the minute offerings and rates on an obligation-free basis.

A NEXT Health Check can take the form of a Mortgage Health Check, Car Loan Check or an assessment on your Vehicle Running Cost and as we are accredited with over 30 lenders we can provide our clients access to the latest and best rates, product, fees and repayment arrangements. Make your financial health your NEXT priority and talk to our specialists today. We make it EASY for you!

A Next Financial Health Check Could Save You Thousands!


We complete a review of your current financial circumstances and loan products.

On completion of your review we will identify any unnecessary bank fees, excessive mortgage rates and review your vehicle running costs.

We will tailor solutions to minimise your costs and maximise your savings.

Our health check will help you structure the most tax effective way to own acquire a new car or car loan.

Our system will ensure your GST, Input Tax Credits and Depreciation are accurate.
(For Business Owners, you may also be eligible to claim back the Fuel Input tax credit.)

What to expect?

Next Asset Finance will ensure you are on the right track to achieve your financial goals. Whether you’re buying a car, a house or just want to be sure you have the best deal on your current loans; we help you explore better ways to achieve those goals.

We work with you to simplify your financial roadmap and give you a clear picture of what you need to do to achieve your goals.

Let’s get your health check started!

Let’s get your health check started.

One of our specialists will require a 5-10 minute chat with you to get your health check started.

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